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Fernando Torres Tattoos

Fernando Torres Tattoos

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz or simply Fernando Torres is a beloved Spanish football player who was born in the year 1984 on 20th of March in Fuenlabrada of Spain. It was in the year 1995 when he started his youth career from the well known club of Atletico Madrid and later on he played in other well known clubs such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Milan. Besides this, he was also a part of the Spanish national team also playing as a Striker. Many do not know that he started playing football as a goalkeeper being inspired by his brother by later being inspired of an anime character called Captain Tsubasa and tried his luck as a striker.

Fernando Torres Tattoo

His love for anime and other such related things are clearly shown by one of his tattoos very well. Where many choose Chinese or Arabic as an inspiration for letter tattoo or symbol tattoo, Fernando Torres went for a tattoo in Tengwar or more commonly known as Elf language. This Elvish language many say is taken from the book and movie series “Lord of the Rings” but Torres is yet to comment on this. According to experts the elvish tattoo inside his hand simply says his name “Fernando” only. No matter what it says or what it represents one thing is clear that, people and his fan absolutely love his elvish tattoo very much. Besides this tattoo another tattoo which steals the attention would be his wrist tattoo which is the number “9”. This tattoo is said to represent his favorite playing or jersey number and his dedication and love for the game known as Football.

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