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Holly Valance Tattoos

Holly Rachel Candy born in the year 1983, May 11th is an Australian actress, model and singer and is popularly known by her stage name “Holly Valance”. The pretty lady started her career as an actress in an Australia opera Neighbors in the character role of Felicity Flick. Then she released her debut album “Footprints” that included the single “Kiss Kiss” in the year 2002. The beautiful Valance got recognized and appreciated for her singing talents as well with this release among music freaks. She later moved to America to enjoy more fame in the worldwide entertainment world. She started acting in various series such as the CSI, Prison Break, Shark and Pledge Dead or Alive and more. The gorgeous actress has also been casted in few movies.

Holly Valance

Holly Valance has showcased few interesting tattoos on her body. There is a number tattoo inked on her ankle. This number has been written in red color ink and is placed on the inside as her right ankle tattoo. Valance has a wonderful Sanskrit letters inked as a left calf tattoo. She has a tiny Chinese tattoo of a Chinese word that reads as “Love” is etched down her bikini line. Importance of love in everybody life has been beautifully engraved and attracts more attention. The amazing body art looks enchanting and unique over her sexy body.

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