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Female Models | May 4, 2015

Natalie Imbruglia tattoos

Recognized as one of the naturally beautiful women, Australian singer-actress-model adds to her charisma with tattoos in Sanskrit and Chinese.

Football | January 7, 2015

Sergio Ramos Tattoos

Sergio Ramos, the Spanish centre back is well loved for his playing style and his tattoos.

Hollywood Actresses | June 24, 2014

Holly Valance Tattoos

Holly Valance the glam doll has some exotic etchings decorating her sexy body in a beautiful way.

Male Musicians | May 31, 2014

Sebastian Bach Tattoos

Sebastian Bach is a fabulous Canadian substantial metal artist, best known for his fun exuberant identity and for being the ex-front man of Skid Row, who is also well known for his tattoos.

Female Musicians | February 9, 2014

Nicki Minaj Tattoos

Nicki Minaj the American actress and singer reached heights of fame in recent times with her exclusive performances. The cute rapper has an inspiring body art on her skin.