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Jake Pitts Tattoos

Jacob Mark Pitts is an American guitarist, recording engineer, producer and songwriter born in the year 1988, august 21st. He is popular for being the leading guitarist in the Black Veil Brides the American rock band. The rock band specially wrote and sang a song “Carolyn” especially for Jake’s mother who was ill and struggling with the sickness pain. However she passed away in the year 2014, January 18th. Jake is a certified recording engineer and has won various prestigious music awards such as the Kerrang Awards, Revolver Golden Gods Awards and titles as the AP Magazine guitarist of the year 2013 respectively.

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts has showcased his immeasurable love for his dear mother Carolyn in a notable manner with a permanent name tattoo. This precious name is engraved in huge letters and cursive font in bold black ink across his body as chest tattoo. There are curvy designs like musical notes designed over it. Jake Pitts has etched huge number of designs on his left arm tattoo. The awesome collection includes “Dimebag” wizard Buckethead tattoo, and a big robot tattoo that has face of a fierce looking skull. Jake has a BVB bat wings logo tattoo on his right arm along with a dancing girl tattoo. A bright yellow guitar tattoo is inked on his inner left forearm along with the phrase tattoo of names of his dad and sister that reads as Mark and Sarah.

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