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Jessica White Tattoos

Jessica White is an American fashion model and Actress born in the year 1984, June 21st at Buffalo, New York. White completed her education from the Kensington High School and is Scientologist. She started her modeling career at tender age of 14 and reached peaks of fame after walking exotic runways for top designers in the New York fashion world. white signed contract with high end cosmetics and other fashion products such as Maybelline, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Tyra Banks and more.

Jessica White

Every tattoo adorning the sexy sleek body of the supermodel Jessica White holds some true meaning, which affirms the attitude and beauty of the fashion model’s inner soul. White has a left wrist tattoo with the inking of the word “Heaven” in Japanese language. She has designed and drawn a tiny arrow tattoo on the inner wrist and the word tattoo ‘Powerful’ in the Chinese inscriptions. There are wings tattoo of angel spread wide across her beautiful neck.

There is another Japanese inscription of “Loyalty” on her slender rib. White has a beautiful lovely Indian flower tattoo in her lower back side. But the most astounding piece of artistic inking of Jessica White is her back tattoo that extremely gorgeous and it is written down through from her shoulders and down the back. The letter tattoo reads as, – “Made and Created by God who Destroys Satan’s Kingdom.”

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