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Kreayshawn Tattoos

Natassia Gail Zolot well knon as Kreayshawn the American music video director and rapper was born in the year 1989, September 24th, from Oakland, California. In the year 2011 Kreayshawn released her debut single, while she was already a member of a rap group along with her friends. This was the single debut known as “Gucci Gucci” through the internet world and became a viral success. She immediately signed a contract with the Columbia Records and then released her debut album Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay, on September 14, 2012.


Kreayshawn has more than 20 tattoos etched all over her body. She has a telephone dial pad inked on her right hand tattoo with three digits written on each finger. The pretty rapper has a sexy alien girl tattoo on the backside of her hand along with a palm tree tattoo. The alien girl is in the beach smoking weed and is colored green. There is a wrist tattoo of a pink diamond along with the word tattoo that reads as “Libra” which denotes her birth date the September 24th, 1989. Kreayshawn has index finger tattoo of tear drops. There are flying mouths with bat wings drawn as right shoulder tattoo. There is a phrase tattoo that reads, “My mind exploded” as right forearm tattoo. An orange creamsicle is etched on the right forearm along with two teeth tattoo. She has a neck tattoo of a cone ice cream.

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