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Laila Ali Tattoos

Laila Ali was born in the year 1977 on 30th December in Miami Beach, Florida of United States of America. Even though she is the daughter of the famous and legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali, bosing was not her first career choice. Laila first worked hard to get a degree in Business and besides this she had a Halloween mask and balloon shop in California. Besides this, it is a fact that at the age of sixteen she was a manicurist and owned a nail salon. But the decision to become a boxer was indeed a great decision as out of the 24 matches she took part in, she won all 24 of them.

Laila Ali Tattoos


Even though she is fierce and strong in the boxing ring but her tattoo says a lot about her nice and beautiful personality. There has been debate that if her tattoo suits her image or not but she loved her tattoo and so many around the world. Her most famous and talked about tattoo is the one which is present on the upper right arm shoulder. The tattoo is drawn masterfully and is of a cute teddy bear which is holding a heart. This heart is very unique as over the heart there is a classic ribbon banner but the space is blank. Most people with such ribbon banner tattoo tend to write a name or a word on it but Laila Ali choose to keep it blank. Besides this one, she also has a bracelet or band tattoo in her right wrist which is of a vine containing flowers. This tattoo is beautifully drawn and of course beautifully colored too making it one of the prettiest tattoos on a celeb.

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