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Marat Safin tattoos

Marat Safin is a former tennis player and currently a politician in Russia. He was born on January 27, 1980 in Moscow, Soviet Union. He was named as Marat Mubinovich Safin. He came from family where everybody was somehow related with tennis. His parents were former tennis player and coaches, his sister were also a professional tennis player.  He was once ranked as world’s number one player during his career. Marat was also famous for his fiery anger and emotional outburst on the court. He started his professional career in the year 1997 and continued till his retirement in the year 2009. Marat was a great player with two grand slams under his name. Apart from Grand Slam, he also got many awards.

Marat Safin Tatoos

Marat Safin was also fond of tattoos. This is why he has many tattoos over his body. One of the famous tattoos is on his left shoulder which is a Chinese character meaning ‘year of the monkey’. It is because his Chinese astrology sign is monkey. Other very famous tattoo is of a sun on his neck. It has a deep meaning in his life. He once said that tattoos are like songs. Just like you remember songs because it creates memories, tattoos also create memories for him. Other than these two tattoos, he has various other tattoos on his body whose significance in his life have not been clearly referred by him. He is fond of writing blogs and on someday hopefully may write about his other tattoos in details.

Marat Safin tattoo

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