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Melanie Griffith Tattoos

Melanie Griffith the American actress was born in the year 1957 August 9th. She won the Golden Globe award for her performance in the movie ‘Working Girl’ that was released in the year 1988 and she was also nominated for the Academy Awards respectively. She is ex wife of the famous actor Antonio Banderas and a proud daughter of Tippi Hedren. Griffith started her acting journey from tender age of nine years old until now. Griffith has acted in several fantastic movies like the the urban thriller film Pacific Heights,The Bonfire of the Vanities, A Stranger Among Us and Shining Through, Born Yesterday, Milk Money, Now and Then, and Two Much.


Griffith portrayed her love and desire through her outstanding tattoo collections adorning her sexy body. One of the sexiest body art decorations done on Griffith’s body is her butt tattoo of yellow colored pear. This awesome etching is well placed and grabs more attention to her sleek well toned body with admiration. There is a left ankle tattoo of four petal leaf clover picture on it. This clover tattoo is an awesome location in Griffith’s body. There are several other permanent ink but the most famous and admired one in her huge heart tattoo. Within the heart is written ‘Antonio’ who is her ex husband. The letters of the name tattoo is decorated with floral designs and looks elegant on her flawless skin. However after the official announcement of break up and divorce between this loving couple, Griffith has opted for erasing this love tattoo through laser treatment forever.

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