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Hollywood Actors | April 28, 2016

Ewan Gordon McGregor tattoos

Ewan McGregor is popular among his followers for his beautiful acting in various films.

Female Musicians | April 28, 2015

Julia Volvoka Tattoos

Russian singer and actress, Julia Volvoka, has some unique Arabic and Japanese tattoos adorning her body and she does not shy away from flaunting them!

Female Models | April 18, 2015

Brenda Song Tattoos

Named as the ’Queen of Disney’ by Cosmogirl Magazine, Brenda Song, is a young phenomenon on the rise with a love for simple yet quirky tattoos!

Female Musicians | April 18, 2015

Ashlee Simpson Tattoos

The American singer and actress with a stunning face, Ashlee Simpson, has a fetish for tattoos and has quite a number of them on her body!

Male Musicians | January 8, 2015

Eddie Van Halen Tattoos

Eddie Van Halen is an American musician cum guitarist cum songwriter. He is multiple talents and likes to show tattoos on his body to his loving crowd.

Female Models | December 19, 2014

Cassie Tattoos

Cassie is a gift to the music industry. Besides her edgy style, she is known for her tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | December 11, 2014

Nick Cannon Tattoos

Nick Cannon is a famous rapper and comedian who was married to a pop singer Mariah Carey. Recently he is in news for covering his Mariah tattoo.

Hollywood Actresses | July 16, 2014

Melanie Griffith Tattoos

Melanie Griffith the wonderful actress has showcased her personal life’s memorable moments with amazing body art collections.

Female Models | June 26, 2014

Ana Beatriz Barros Tattoos

This absolutely stunning model Ana Beatriz Barros has two permanent inking accessorizing her gorgeous flawless skin.

Female Artist | May 30, 2014

Pixie Acia Tattoos

Pixie Acia is a well known tattoo artist who has a great flare for lively and colorful tattoos. Not only has she etched some beautifully upbeat tattoos on her clients but she herself has a tastefully composes color fiesta going all over on her.

Female Musicians | May 9, 2014

Rochelle Wiseman Tattoos

Rochelle Wiseman has inked several amazing tattoos to celebrate diverse happenings in her life exclusively.