Boxer | June 14, 2016

Jens Pulver Tattoos

Jens Pulver is an American martial artist and is widely popular among his fans for the attractive fighting.

Male Musicians | June 13, 2016

Jade Puget Tattoos

Jade Puget is widely popular among his fans for his beautiful guitar and keyword playing.

Hollywood Actors | June 12, 2016

P Diddy tattoos

P Diddy is very much popular among his fans for the sake of his electrifying versatility of performing art.

Hollywood Actors | June 10, 2016

Freddie Prinze Jr tattoos

Freddie is widely popular actor from America who was born on March 8, in the year of 1976.

Uncategorized | June 9, 2016

Prince Rudolph Tattoos

Prince Rudolph was a Crown Prince of Austria & Hungary. He took birth on 21 August in the year of 1858.

Uncategorized | June 8, 2016

Prince Frederik tattoo

The shark tattoo of Prince Frederik was first perceived in the year 2005 when he was in the Danish Elite Forces.

Female Musicians | June 3, 2016

Lindsay Jaylyn Price tattoos

Lindsay Jaylyn Price was born in America on 6th December 1976. She is a renowned actress.

TV Personalities | June 1, 2016

Susan Powter tattoos

Susan Powter is an American motivational speaker. She was born in Australia.

Hollywood Actresses | May 31, 2016

Sarah-Jane Potts tattoos

Sarah-Jane Potts is a renowned English actress and the cousin of Andree-Lee Potts.