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Robbie Williams Tattoos

Robbie Williams is a popular British pop singer who flaunts several classy tattoos on various parts. Even though he began his career with the band “Take that”, he gained more popularity with his solo singing. He has several spectacular tattoos inked on his luscious muscles. His love for tattoos is well displayed on different regions of his body.

Robbie Williams tattoos


Robbie Williams tattoos

Among the most quirky ones, the Maori prayer design is the most talked about. This is a left arm tattoo that he has put on. Not only that, keeping his sentiments in place, he has got a tattoo behind his left ear too. This left ear tattoo is upholding the letter “B” as a tribute to his grandmother whose name had been Betty. At the back of his neck, he portrays “the eye of Horus”. This is known to be the symbol of protection in the Eastern region. One of the most personal tattoos this singer has got is situated on his right hip. Now this right hip tattoo embodies a Celtic cross. Robbie Williams is very personal when it comes to tattoos. His right arm tattoo has a message written, which says “Elvis grant me serenity”. Giving himself a dramatic and artistic edge over others, this man has got two swallows on his stomach. The stomach tattoo depicts two swallows facing each other on his fit abs. Just above his right arm tattoo, he also has a lion inked. The forearm tattoo shows his love for his mother in which it is clearly written “Mother I love you”.

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