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Tony Parker Tattoos

William Anthony or better known as Tony Parker is a professional basketball player from France. He was born on 17th May, 1982 and he plays with National Basketball Association (NBA) and San Antonio Spurs as well.

Tony was born as son of a professional basketball expert who allowed him to practice basketball from a very earlier time. He played for French Basketball leagues for two consecutive years followed by 2001 NBA series. After that he joined San Antonio Spurs and became a strong player of that team very soon. Spurs won NBA championship four times in 2014, 2007, 2005 and 2003 and Tony played big roles in all of them.

Tony Parker Tattoos

Tony Parker is true performer in basketball and all are well acquainted about it. But he also likes to have tattoos which fans really love about him as well. He married to Eva Longoria who has a number nine tattoo on her hand. So to match his wife’s tattoo, Tony also did the same and since then in each match he is found with a nine tattoo on his hand.

When a tall basketball player jumps in the air to drop the ball onto pocket, everyone keeps eyes on the player’s hand and the ball. Being a right hander player, Tony went for a right hand tattoo to show off during matches to the fans.

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