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Football | January 29, 2015

Dani Alves tattoos

This Brazilian footballer is known for his skills as a right back and also for his uncountable tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | January 17, 2015

Charlie sheen tattoos

This tattoo lover does not think twice before getting a tattoo inked on his body. Either he himself or his tattoos are always in headlines.

Hollywood Actors | January 16, 2015

Chris Evans Tattoos

Chris Evans is one of the most popular actors and has got the sexiest body. Also, he is one of the talented person in the film industry.

Wrestling | January 7, 2015

Rey Mysterio Tattoos

Rey Mysterio is known for creating history. One can tell that he loves tattoos just by looking at him.

Wrestling | January 7, 2015

Brock Lesnar Tattoos

The very dedicated and talented Brock Lesnar is truly entertaining. Besides his achievements, his tattoos are talked about too.

Hollywood Actors | December 31, 2014

Johnny Knoxville tattoos

Best actor and screenwriter as well film producer Johnny Knoxville started his film career in 1992 giving many hit performances in his character roles he played.

Male Musicians | December 24, 2014

Frank Carter Tattoos

Frank Cater is known many things especially for his contribution in the group “Gallows” and his tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | December 18, 2014

Justin Paul Theroux Tattoos

The multi talented Justin Theroux by professional is an actor as well director and screenwriter is an amazing personality. He got a massive tattoo designed all over his back.

Hollywood Actors | December 11, 2014

Jay Baruchel Tattoos

Jay Baruchel is so entertaining that everyone loves his style but not most people are aware of his incredible tattoos.

Football | December 10, 2014

Eric Cantona Tattoos

One of the famous footballers of all time, Eric Cantona, has mainly a tattoo on his chest. He is a true inspiration for many fans and football lovers out there.

Male Models | December 9, 2014

Daniel Bamdad Tattoos

Daniel Bamdad is definitely one to watch out for. He tattoos are well known in the fashion industry as they are breaking the traditional clean look of male model.

Male Musicians | July 16, 2014

Dave Gahan Tattoos

Dave Gahan the fantastic musician has several body art designed and inked on spots like his arms, back and more to be explored.