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Hollywood Actors | January 14, 2015

Justin chambers tattoos

A very handsome model, with lots of good things in him. Justin Chambers has achieved many things at a very small age and earned a lot of money.

Hollywood Actors | January 14, 2015

Kevin Federline Tattoos

A multi talented person with lots of talent inside. He is said to be the man with all such good qualities in him.

Hollywood Actors | January 13, 2015

Robert Downey Jr. Tattoos

A multi talented artist and is very much sincere in his work. He did many films and many of his movies were successful.

Hollywood Actors | January 8, 2015

Wade Barrett Tattoos

Wade Barrett is a new WWE Superstars who are making waves. He is known for his tattoos too.

Hollywood Actors | January 8, 2015

Karl Urban Tattoos

Best known New-Zealand actor Karl Urban has won many acclaimed for his New-Zealand performance films. Recently in a television series he played John Kennex main character role for Almost Human has seen with ring finger tattoo.

Hollywood Actors | January 8, 2015

Casper Van Dein Tattoos

Casper Van Dein worked as an actor by profession in many television series and in films belongs from other heritage as well like French, Swedish, English and American Native settled in New York. He has got only one real design tattoo on his overall body.

Hollywood Actors | January 7, 2015

The Undertaker Tattoos

The phenomenon that is the Undertaker of the WWE is very well known for his taste in tattoos

Hollywood Actors | January 7, 2015

Chris Jericho Tattoos

The charismatic Chris Jericho took WWE to another level. Besides his looks, his tattoos are quite loved too.

Hollywood Actors | January 3, 2015

Stephen Dorff Tattoos

Stephen Dorff, an American actor who is really passionate about wearing various types of tattoos, loves to show his expression through his favorite tattoos on his body.let

Hollywood Actors | January 3, 2015

James Denton tattoos

By professional as an actor James Denton was best known for role playing sexy plumber Mike Delfino character in Desperate Housewives television series. He has only one tattoo which been designed after his father’s death.

Hollywood Actors | January 3, 2015

Daniel Day-Lewis Tattoos

Best known as an actor, Daniel Day-Lewis have won many awards acclaimed for his generation has worked as in stage performance and well in televisions. His multiple body art design on his left and right hand as well on his chest shows wonderful tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | January 3, 2015

Cameron Douglas Tattoos

Cameron Douglas is an American actor who believes in wearing various types of tattoos in different occasions. He likes to express his feeling through the tattoos.