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TV Personalities | February 3, 2016

Chandra West Tattoos

Beautiful floral tattoo gets more beautified when it’s created on a charming figure like Chandra West, a lovely and gorgeous Canadian actress.

Female Musicians | January 30, 2016

Leisha Hailey Tattoos

Not being tattoo maniac like other popular celebrity names Leisha Hailey has done an armband tattoo on her bicep which looks cool and sweet.

Fashion Designer | January 29, 2016

Margaret Choa Tattoos

In spite of firing the stages with comedy, Margaret Cho has a deep fervour for tattoos which is expressed by her tattoos created on arms and legs.

Female Musicians | January 26, 2016

Megan Joy Tattoos

Megan is an American Idol finalist who owns multiple tattoos, like a right-hand tattoo, sleeve tattoo, feet tattoos, etc. To know more details, view this page.

TV Personalities | January 25, 2016

Ulrika Jonsson Tattoos

Unknown facts about a famous Swedish TV star Ulrika Jonsson, which are explored by the designs of her tattoos. Get the inner meanings of them.

Football | January 24, 2016

Vinnie Jones Tattoos

Tattoo mania has moved an actor cum formal footballer Vincent Peter Jones as he has undergone numbers of eye-catchy tattoos on his body.

Male Musicians | January 23, 2016

Drew Lachey tattoos

The tattoo sported by celebrity singer Drew Lachey will be put under the scanner in this article. The tattoo as well as its meaning will be deciphered here.

Female Models | January 20, 2016

Estelle Hallyday Tattoos

This French model has a left-ankle tattoo and a tribal sun tattoo on top of her left foot. If you are looking for more details, click here.

TV Personalities | January 19, 2016

Gemma Atkinson Tattoos

Gemma Atkinson an English actress and TV personality always had a knack for tattoo; this interest was lost due to some reason in the beginning of January, 2008. However, later in that year she regained her lost passion for tattoos.

TV Personalities | January 18, 2016

Jessica Lange Tattoos

Jessica Lange an American actress who has been rewarded with several awards throughout her career has a mystical Celtic Knot tattooed on the back of her left wrist.

Female Models | January 17, 2016

Kylie Jenner Tattoos

Kylie is best known for her part of being Kardashian/Jenner family. She has inked few body arts in her hand, to know more about her tattoos, view this page.

Female Models | January 14, 2016

Misa Campo tattoos

Through this article, the tattoos of model Misa Campo will be put under the scanner. The two tattoos which she has will be spoken about here.