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Female Models | April 12, 2015

Danneel Harris Tattoos

The beautiful actress Danneel Harris has played measure roles in so many movies and series. She was found with more than one tattoo in different places.

Models | February 9, 2015

Stormy Daniels Tattoos

This blog is about Stormy Daniels, a very renowned adult entertainer who also has a certain fascination for tattoos.

Football | January 17, 2015

Fernando Torres Tattoos

The Spanish Footballer Fernando Torres is known for his skills on the field and also for his choice of tattoo.

Hollywood Actors | January 14, 2015

Kevin Federline Tattoos

A multi talented person with lots of talent inside. He is said to be the man with all such good qualities in him.

Male Musicians | January 13, 2015

Ville Valo Tattoos

Ville is a Finnish singer who is very much fond of tattoos. He has got many of them over the years and is still continuing with it.

Hollywood Actors | December 31, 2014

Johnny Knoxville tattoos

Best actor and screenwriter as well film producer Johnny Knoxville started his film career in 1992 giving many hit performances in his character roles he played.

TV Personalities | December 22, 2014

Shia LeBeouf Tattoos

The talented actor, known for comedy and drama as well as action movies, has many amazing tattoos.

Hollywood Actresses | December 4, 2014

Gillian Anderson Tattoos

The famous “Scully” aka Gillian Anderson may got only two tattoos but she love the concept of tattooing very much. Her first tattoo was done in Tahiti.

Hollywood Directors | December 4, 2014

Allison Anders Tattoos

Allison Anders is very well known director whose work is appreciated by many all over the world. Besides being a director, she is also known for her tattoos.

Female Musicians | July 11, 2014

Kimberly Caldwell tattoos

Season 2 ‘American Idol’ Kimberly Caldwell and a host of oxygen’s new tattoo artist competition show have amazing tattoos on her beautiful body.

Hollywood Actresses | July 11, 2014

Christina Aguilera’s tattoos

Christina Aguilera famous American singer was titled with Sex Symbol by men’s magazine have almost 5 deep meaning tattoos on her sexy body.

Female Musicians | July 1, 2014

Amira McCarthy Tattoos

Amira McCarthy the beautiful Jungle rocker girl has a collection of unique tattoos with personal touch.