Hollywood Actresses | February 1, 2014

Kaya Scodelario Tattoos

Kaya Scodelario is a beautiful young British actress who has style and class in her beauty and performance. She loves the art of tattooing and has done it for the passion of portraying beauty to the world.

Hollywood Actresses | January 31, 2014

Lily Allen Tattoos

Lily Allen is a sweet gorgeous actress and recording artist who is obsessed with this wonderful body art. She has decorated her body with dazzling little tattoos in exquisite designs.

Female Musicians | January 31, 2014

Franka Potente Tattoos

Franka Potente is a German singer and film actress who is charming with her personality and smile. She is not only famous for her enchanting performance but also her choice of tattoo that decorates her sexy body.

Female Musicians | January 31, 2014

Avril Lavigne Tattoos

Avril Lavigne is the Canadian singer with enchanting voice has embarked a wonderful reality image to her fans. She is also a lover of body art, and has several amazing tattoos, which are mostly small.

Hollywood Actresses | January 31, 2014

Zoe Saldana Tattoos

Zoe Saldana is a Dominican American actress who performed with fabulous skills. The sexy lady also loves to inscribe on her body with wonderful tattoos.

Male Sports Models | January 31, 2014

David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham is a British football player who loves playing in an artistic manner all over his body in several parts exclusively. Beckham is highly obsessed with tattooing and has more than dozen of them adorning his well toned body.

Female Musicians | January 31, 2014

Britney Spears Tattoos

‘Britney Spears’ this name triggers a sensual desire that tingles down our spine that lasts for long period of time. This fairy singer cum actress has dazzled millions of hearts with her vocal performance and sizzling tattoos as well.

Hollywood Actors | January 31, 2014

Colin Farrell Tattoos

Collin Farrell is the hot looking tattoo man who has been in love with this exotic body art and inked all over his well toned body with several amazing tattoos. He portrays his personality and desire by sturdily embarking huge prominent visible tattoos.

Female Models | January 31, 2014

Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox the most desirable woman in the universe is a wonder actress and model and has captured millions of hearts. This beautiful lady has adorned her sexy body with several long lasting gorgeous tattoos creating an iconic.

Hollywood Actors | January 31, 2014

Josh Hartnett Tattoos

Josh Hartnett is a heart throb actor and producer captured millions of hearts with his excellent skills and charm. Another astounding feature that this hot actor is the sizzling attention that he generates through his amazing visible tattoos.

Female Models | January 31, 2014

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Victoria Beckham is a spicy woman who has also embarked her signature style in singing, modeling and fashion world. The pretty lady is also a lover of body art and has adorned her body with gorgeous tattoos.

Female Musicians | January 31, 2014

Hayden Pantettiere Tattoos

Hayden Pantettiere is a sexy American model, actress, voice actress, singer and also social activist exclusively. This elegant lady is an iconic role model for many young women across the globe and she has also attracted their attention with wonderful body art over her body.