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Male Musicians | July 11, 2014

Paul Wall Tattoo

Paul Wall the rapper has armful of amazing tattoos and more gorgeous body art decorating his whole body.

Male Musicians | July 11, 2014

Pat Badger tattoos

Pat Badger, the famous American bassist has worked with a lot of bands and entertained with the help of his extreme talents and tattoos on his body helped him too.

TV Personalities | June 28, 2014

Jesse James Tattoos

Jesse James is almost covered with more than 30 wonderful tattoos that decors his well toned body.

Female Models | June 26, 2014

Alice Dellal Tattoos

Alice Della the super model has interesting tattoos scattered at several safe locations of her sexy body.

Hollywood Actresses | June 26, 2014

Lisa Bonet Tattoos

Lisa Bonet is a dragon girl with a fabulous body art creating more attention and admiration.

Hollywood Actresses | June 26, 2014

Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos

Elisabetta Canalis the stunning Italian lady has amazing body art in various locations of her body that looks attractive.

Athlete | June 24, 2014

Umaga Tattoos

Umaga the fierce wrestler had some huge collection of Polynesian tribal tattoos inscribed all over his masculine body.

Male Musicians | June 24, 2014

Uncle Kracker Tattoos

Uncle Kracker the enchanting musician has some tribal and subtle body art that looks fascinating.

Hollywood Actresses | June 13, 2014

Ashley Tisdale Tattoos

Ashley Tisdale has showcased her admiration for body art with few feminine and elegant tattoo collections.

Female Musicians | June 13, 2014

Kreayshawn Tattoos

The gorgeous “Gucci Gucci” rapper girl Kreayshawn has adorned her body with colorful body art that holds deep meaning.

Female Musicians | June 13, 2014

Melissa Marie Green Tattoos

The Millionaires pop girl Melissa Maries Green has adorned her flawless body with colorful dazzling tattoos in attractive designs.

Female Musicians | June 13, 2014

Lights Poxleitner Tattoos

Lights Poxleitner can be called as tattoo girl since she is almost covered with huge etchings of cartoon weapon, characters and other colorful tattoos